Who we are


Why Choose Us?

Our journey showcases a line of products, that portray Africa’s excellence in style, beauty and quality. Our products display a unique combination of craftsmanship and modern innovation. We have made it our obligation to continuously thrive to serve our customers with the finest materials we can find, as this isn’t just for our customers but because its a core of our business to produce the best quality products possible.

Our brand is about showcasing iconic brand visuals, making use of an assortment of colors, leathers, fabrics and prints. We are proudly Made-in-Africa, we aim to convince current and future generations of our up-lifting brand story/narrative.

Our Mission

Awakening from the dusty ashes of poverty, exploitation and degradation, Africa rises again to inspire the world to different ways. The cradle of humanity and the founders of the first civilisations, ZIZWE believes in Africa.

 Considering it to be in our veins, we cherish craftsmanship and creative ingenuity. We believe that achieving distinction is made possible through faithfulness to an authentic African self-expression.

Inspired by the spirit of Ubuntu, we will build with our communities for mutual development and empowerment. We are excited to be Africans and part of the rising generation that is working to transform our societies

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